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The Bermuda Triangle is a place where ships and planes have allegedly disappeared inexplicably.

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The mysterious 700,000sqm triangle, stretching between the tip of Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda, and has been the center of public fascination for over 100 years, when reports first started emerging of an unusual amount of shipwrecks in the region.

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See if you can explain the different theories for the mysterious disappearances within it.

It is in the North Atlantic Ocean, off the southeast coast of the United States, covering the Bahama Islands, Puerto Rico, southern Florida, and the island of Bermuda.There is so much in way of mythology and history regarding the Bermuda Triangle in terms of people disappearing, ships going missing, and aviation disasters regarding it that a good question might.The place is known for the mysterious disappearance of ships and planes.

Description: The Bermuda Triangle is a area of the Mid-Atlantic incorporating the islands of Bermuda, Puerto Rico and the tip of Florida in a triangle which is believed to be where ships and planes vanish.On rare occasions, the ships have been found, but without the managing crew and all the supplies intact. And on.

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In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is a place known for being mysterious.


Her plane was never found and questions remain today about what really happened to Earhart.


The Bermuda Triangle is one of the amazing landmarks in the world And there are strange, interesting and horrible events in that area.This quiz and its attached worksheet allow you to make sure you know the history of the Bermuda Triangle.It is an area off the south east coast of Florida that has a lot of traffic both airplanes and shipping.

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This sea is best known for its tall, thick, floating seaweed called Sargassum.

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Five Navy Avenger bombers mysteriously vanished while on a routine.Thousands of people and hundreds of ships and aircrafts have gone missing from the area.

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Bermuda is a truly unique and marvellous island, full of natural wonders and rich in history.Disccusion Questions and Answers of the Bermuda Trianlge What islands are near Bermuda.